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Core Training Made Simple: Day 2

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2021

We're back with the second day in our Core training made simple series! Even though the primary goal is to work our core, your shoulders are going to get a lot of work in this round. So if adding this to a training day, I would add this to a lower body day or an active rest day. 

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Be sure to take your time with these reps. We're trying to increase the TUT (Time Under Tension) that your core can endure.

More TUT = Stronger Core. 


Complete 4 rounds: 

Rest time - 1:00 min

  1. Dumbbell Sit Ups - 15 Reps
  2. Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks - 30 Flutters Each side (60 total)
  3. Up Down Plank - 10 Up Downs Each Side
  4. Plank Hip Twists - 20 each side

Move exercise to exercise as fast as possible. Only rest once you complete all 4 movements. 


Coaching Tips: 

Dumbbell Sit Ups - Start with a set of dumbbells that you will be able to control. If you feel any additional weight would be to heavy, just start the movement with your hands overhead. Keep your core braced and CONTROL both directions of the movement. Both down and up. Breathe out on the way up.

Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks - Use A light set of dumbbells here for a counter balance. Take the flutters slow and keep your lower back on the ground at all times. Take the flutters slow and focus on your lower abdomen creating the movement in your legs. 

Up Down Plank - When  going from the up position to the down position the biggest focus should be on your hips. Try to minimize rocking your hips and focus on keeping them square with the ground. Take this movement slow

Plank Hip Twists - Begin in plank position and keep your hips slightly higher than your middle back. When dropping your hips to either side make sure your abdomen stays fully engaged to make sure your lower back doesn't come into play. 


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